1. You are invited to attend the God’s Not Dead 2 Friday Film Event on 8/19 (7pm-10pm) in the CPAC.
  2. When you come to CPAC for the first time as a CrossWalk student-we’ll have you fill out our info card & we take a digital picture (it’s only displayed in our database) that helps us learn & remember their name.
  3. Our Friday night events usually begin at 7pm (unless noted otherwise) and end at 10pm The location to drop off and pick up your child is the entrance in the rear (CPAC room is inside doors to your right).  Please don’t drop your child off before 6:45 p.m.& remember to pick them up at 10pm
  4. The first Sunday morning worship Bible study you may attend is Sunday, September 4th. We are studying the Book of Acts and should be in chapter fourteen by that Sunday.  We meet in the CPAC room during each service on Sunday morning.
  5. On Sunday evenings we are in the sanctuary for Sunday Night Prayer at 6pm.  We ask that junior high students join us with their parent(s)/guardian(s) during the prayer service.
  6. The first Wednesday Nite worship Bible study you may attend is Wednesday, August 30th. We are studying the Book of Proverbs and should be in Provers 11 by that Wednesday.  We meet in the Elementary music room or “old jr high room on Wednesdaynights.
  7. LJ3 Fellowship Small Group MinistryThis is not a sports or games event but it is an interactive, relational monthly gathering for students who want to Learn Jesus, Love Jesus & Live for Jesus in a real & daily way. LJ3 will usually be held the 1st Friday of each month. More info to come in early September.
  8. Please visit our website:  crosswalk.ccphilly.orgPlease check the information racks for our calendars, fliers, and other pertinent information concerning CrossWalk Junior High Ministry.