James 4:1-6

Well this is clear; “friendship with the world is enmity with God”!  Enmity in the meaning of being in active hostility.  A friendship with the world- what a concept!  The world may be the “popular” crowd and good looking.  But they’re not exactly the kindest group of friends are they?  No, they are not.  You do not come as you are to get into their group.  Nope.  You change everything about you that is the opposite of them.  There is no free thought.  Not at all.  The “free” thought is that you think what you are told to think or what they have accepted as the current “right” thought.  A friendship with the world is like a gang initiative, you have to compromise yourself in so many ways to get into their group, and they have no intention of letting you go.  You feel like you can’t stop the relationship, or the recycled relationships.  But God.  The “Spirit that dwells in us yearns earnestly” and is so mighty to save.  It is us that has to let go of grasping at the smoke we think we have gotten a hold of.  The God that sat while He flooded the earth.  The God that ejected Satan from heaven like lightning.  The God that is coming back with an army to reclaim this world for His name- that is not the God to be an enemy of.  Yet, He is full of grace.  Shackle yourself to Jesus, and find freedom.