Jude 1:1-15

This part of Jude covers so many topics for the Christian to examine.  Verse 3 encourages us to “contend earnestly”.  Contend means to fight, or strive for.  How much are we fighting for Jesus to have the number ONE spot in our lives?  How earnestly are we striving to live holy because He is holy?  Our culture has confused “holy” with “stuck up” or “boring”.  Living holy is choosing to love Jesus with our whole heart, mind, and strength, and walking in His ways, and commands.  Yet, there are so many people in our culture that would call the ways of Jesus wrong.  The bible clearly names them liars.  Jude describes those that believe the lies, and those that are teaching the lies as things that act opposite to their purpose.  Imagine a star that did not shine.  It would not be a star would it?  What is a Christian that keeps silent about their faith, or acts in the opposite way of their God?  This part of Jude is a challenge for us as Christians.  Make your stand!  If you are Christ’s- then follow Christ.  Don’t waste the time given to you.  Do not be like the wandering star described in Jude that missed its purpose of shinning light and ended up in darkness.