Psalm 40:1

“I waited patiently for the Lord”


“UGHHH”, is what we think.  Patience is a quality that no one is born with.  It is developed, given, and renewed by God.  How much sin is committed because we didn’t want to wait?  But just think.  David was anointed years before he became king.  He went through years of running, crying, and hiding. But he stood on the promise of God- and waited.  There is no testimony of a “quick fix” in the Bible.  Our Lord is not bound by time, nor can our impatience move His hand.  So, let out your “UGHHHH!!!!!”  Wait on the Lord.

Application:  Pray for patience.  God does have a specific plan He wants to complete in you, wait for Him.

Song of the Day:  “I Surrender”- Hillsong Live