Acts 2:1


“When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place”


          Did you ever go to a prayer meeting, church event, or chapel with people seeking revival?  The hope is for Jesus to reveal Himself, manifest Himself, or well something wonderful to happen.  But you think when has that ever happened?  What would happen if it happened here?  Why would it happen at all?  Stop and think.  If you are thinking that, don’t you think someone else is thinking that? And if others are thinking that same thought who is actually there with any faith?  Why would God produce for people that don’t expect Him to?  He is almighty and needs, or desires to prove a point to no one.  “They were all with one accord”, they believed, expected for God to do a work.  In unity their faith produced an event that brought more than 3000 souls into the Kingdom of God.  What amazing acts of God could be produced in our day if we truly believed in the power of our God?  If I stand alone, I want to be the one that believes my God will do mighty things when we ask Him, I pray I’m never alone.