Psalm 89:11-37


This psalm is light.  In the first part of the psalm the author is lifting up praises to the Lord, and then the Lord Himself speaks.  God is declaring His Power, strength and will for David and his descendants.  God speaks His character.  He says His graciousness and faithfulness will not fail because it can not.  He will not lie.  He will always make Himself known to His people.  He will judge those who transgress against His name.  But.  That “but” that we as Christians need and are so grateful for.  He will not completely remove His loving kindness.


Verse 37 ends with the word Selah the word is commonly used in the psalms as a point for the reader to dwell on.  Take time to think about this psalm.  Keep the Word of God in your thoughts.  Dwell on it, go beyond thinking about it, and begin to think with it.