Revelation 7


Revelation is filled with information that is difficult to digest. We have seen so many action movies that it is actually difficult to imagine the things that are going to take place. These are events that are ACTUALLY going to happen. The skies will open up to reveal angels with the power to subdue nations, stars will fall, water will turn to blood. There will be real wars all over the world and not in just one place. If we as Christians believe the first sentence, we must stand by it until the last sentence.

John explains the innumerable multitude of different people that he sees at the throne of Christ. He also talks about people that have gone through real trial for Jesus’s name. Those people were hurt, damaged, and wounded by the world. But He has washed them and has made their marked garments as white as snow.

He will do the same for us. May we not be afraid of what the world will do to us, we will be saved when the rapture happens. While we are here may we spread the Good News, before the bad comes.