Psalm 47:4

“He will choose our inheritance for us”


Our walk with the Lord is indeed to be maintained daily.  We can work our faith into a ritual, or a state of practice without getting the reward of what works we think we have accomplished.  We can so easily get impatient with Jesus.  We ask for Him, and then we wait for what we want Him to give us.  It is there- when we expect something else that is not the presence of our Lord that we fail.  Jesus so freely wants to give.  He wants to give Himself.  At that conclusion, we want to sigh.  But what else is our faith built on?  Our rock foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are called into daily, continual, never ending communion with Him.  A writer said, “Jesus is to be sought and received as a beginning, and an end.  That is all”.  Simple.  Once we have sought Jesus as our beginning- our beginning to our day, our life, our future, and once we have received Him as our end- being complete in Him.  Then, well… He will choose what comes next.  We hope in Him.  We trust in Him.  And we are complete in Him.