James 3:5-12

The tongue.  Enough said- pun intended.  Our mouths can send forth poison.  We can destroy people’s spirit and break their confidence.  Our tongues can also speak sweet and pleasant things that breathe life.  What this chapter of James is saying, is that we should not speak both. The tongue “sets on fire the course of nature”.  James describes it as an “unruly evil”.  BUT.  Our tongue is not its own being.  It speaks what our hearts think.  For example, it is the information in the roots that decides what will be produced on the branches.  Likewise, it is what is in our hearts that ultimately we speak. 

Application:  There is hope.  In Jesus our tongues can be bridled.  The Holy Spirit purifies.  Allow the Lord to purify your heart.  Ask Him to be in your speech, because He is able to occupy every part of you.