“Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain”

Psalm 73:13
Now, now if you have been walking with the Lord for a period of time you have probably felt this way.  David mentioned how envious he was of the boastful, and the people that seemed like they were succeeding in their sin.  But his eyes were off Jesus.  Honestly, if you look around it does look like the people in their sin are having a good ole time!  And they probably are.  There is no where in the bible that says sin is not fun.  Riding a mountain bike is exhilarating, until it skids and throws you over the edge.  Think.  To cleanse your heart in vain.  God works, and abides in the pure of heart.  It is a daily process, and we need His daily grace.  If you’re feeling like verse 17 then call out to the Lord.  Bring your thoughts back to the center- Jesus.