Psalm 80:3

“Cause Your face to shine”



Sometimes times it can feel like its still night in our lives even when the day has come. Our earthly moon that lights the night isn’t enough to live on, we can’t really see. The moon reflects the sun; it gives us hope to look forward to the brighter light coming. As Christians, “little Christs”, we are called to reflect the Son. Yes, we are a dim light compared to the almighty Son. But we should be spreading the hope and promise of the brighter light coming.


Application: What kind of moon would others say they see? Do they see a bright, full shining moon reflecting the sun to the best of its ability, or a waning crescent barely giving light to a world fumbling in the darkness? The brightness of the moon depends on its position to the sun. Ask God to align you nearest to Him. Reflect the Son.