2 Peter 2:4-10

  This section starts off with such a powerful verse, “if God did not spare the angels”.  Think.  Satan was ejected from heaven when he rebelled.  Why do we feel like we have the right to allow sin in our lives?  Peter goes on to bring up other examples of God’s wrath; how He destroyed cities, and flooded the earth.  We read this and our first reaction is “Jeez!”, or “that was harsh!” That is our reaction because what is evil, and wrong has become acceptable to us.  God’s judgement was poured out on those that were in full rebellion against Him.  Yet He sent mercy first.  The people were given years before God flooded the earth-years!  God sent angels to where Lot and his family were, and the people wanted to rape them.  We should be thankful that we are safe under the protection of the Lord.  Sin is sin, even if it has on makeup or is fun for the season- it’s still sin.  When we fight for nothing less than Jesus in our lives sin becomes illuminated, and see it for what it is- pride and rebellion against Christ.