Proverbs 31: 1-9

          With the last chapter of a book of wisdom a warning is given.  But it’s more than a warning; it is an exhortation or a strong encouragement.  It is an exhortation to a higher calling- a challenge to those that can rise above mediocrity.  It compares the higher calling to be that which is fitted for royalty- “give strong drink to him who is perishing”.  It makes you think.  When you set your sails, and decide the course you want to take for your life- don’t you want the best for yourself?  How much more your heavenly Father!  With a book of knowledge now hidden in your hearts, along with the Holy Spirit, you can be confident.  The time has come to live purposefully.  YOU set your sails.  Allow God to guide them, With Him navigate away from the waves of the world.  Set your course for heaven’s shores.

Song of the Day: “Set Your Sails”- Future of Forestry