1 Peter 1:13-16

“Be holy, for I am holy”

Holy in applicable terms means to be set apart.  Hebrews 10:13 describes our lives as Christians to that of a stranger to this world.  A stranger- to be so unfamiliar to what the world has to offer.   Holiness is purity.  Holiness is Jesus.  There is a song lyric, “we’ll give it all to go Your way”- that is holiness.  Jesus doesn’t was us to walk around with blinders, or ignore people, or move to a mountain top.  The example of Jesus was that He went into the world to reach those of the world.  Yet, He was not spotted.

Whatever blemish we have is covered under the blood of Jesus, and we are free to live each day as a new creation.  In Him.  Seek Jesus as your beginning and end, and holiness will be added to you.  It is an attribute only found in Christ.  “Innocent” is an attribute of the world- it’s goodness stops at unknowing.  But know, holiness is the knowledge of Christ, and a choice to live like Him.