Acts 16:30

“Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”


          Just think about all the people that we witness the power of Jesus Christ to by our actions.  Paul probably had little verbal exchange with the jailer.  All the other prisoners probably spit, and jeered when the jailer passed.  But when the jailer passed Paul and his companion’s cell, they were singing to the Lord.  But, it was their action of obedience that won the jailer over.  Paul’s witness by his actions was so strong that it brought into subjugation even the other prisoners.  When there was a huge opportunity to disobey and get away with it (because all those crazy criminals surely could have overpowered the jailer and escaped), they obeyed because Paul’s witness was so convincing.  We know that specifically it won the jailer to Christ, but who knows how many others.  Allow Jesus to constantly be the center of your life, and live out loud for Him.