Psalm 76:5

“They have sunk into their sleep; And none of the mighty men have found the use of their hands.”

      Sleep.  Our bodies need it.  The older you get the more you look forward to it.  The Bible says not to love sleep to the point that it consumes your day, because how useful are you when you are asleep?  You are not conscience, you have no control of your actions, and you can not actually help anyone when you are in that state.  This verse refers to sleep as a state of “self”.  We as Christians can so easily fall into ourselves, and miss the opportunities that are present in everyday.  We can miss our purpose.  We can sink so deep into ourselves that the strength we are given in the Lord is not put to use.  We have immeasurable amounts of strength in Christ.  Put your hands to use.  Don’t sleep in yourselves.  Build, create, work, disciple, witness- ALL for His glory!