Proverb 3:32
“But His secret counsel is with the upright.”
God giving us personal advice is something a lot of us have given up as a myth.  We know the story of when God wrote a message on the wall with His hand but would He do that for us?  He spoke personally to Moses, and other prophets of God.  He actually spoke personally to people and they went on to deliver His message.  He likes to use people to communicate His word.  People are His greatest creation, beings He has modeled after Himself.  The Lord has counsel for each one of us.  He has words of love, correction, and guidance that He wants to speak to us individually.
Application:  We first need to go before the Lord humbly.  Wash us Lord and purify us.  Make our ways like Yours.  Speak to us, and use us.  Raise up prophets in our generation to speak Your words.