“Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent.”

Revelations 3:3
These are the words of Jesus.  He is speaking to the church- to us!  When we accept Jesus into our hearts and make HIM Lord of our lives it does not just stop there.  For the sinful part of ourselves will constantly battle with the Holy Spirit in us.  For the Lord to say, “remember”, it is indicated that we have forgotten something.  Jesus has washed us in His blood and cleansed us from our sin.  So, are we then to go back to the filth that is our sin and let it dirty us again?  We have HEARD the Gospel of Truth, are we then to accept lies?  We have RECEIVED our freedom, are we then to enslave ourselves again? No.  Repentance comes with humility.  So let us humble ourselves in and turn back to Him.  Let us again walk in the light, and show the world His love.