Proverbs 2:5
“Then you will understand the fear of the LORD,
 And find the knowledge of God.”
“Then”.  The word usually comes after the word “before” or “if”.  If you seek Jesus like you seek after the things of this world, then…  The proverb is calling us out.  We make huge efforts to get the things we want in life.  We strive, persist, and chase after our goals and desires.  This proverb is saying, if you would seek the Lord like you would seek riches- something we all want, then you will understand the things of God.  It is the seeking that will give us the understanding.  The proverb doesn’t say, if you change your looks, or get better grades, or become “cooler” then you will understand God.  You just have to seek after Him, and He will meet you.  He will give you the things of Himself.  Ask for Jesus- that’s it.  He is everything, and everything you need can be found in Him.  He is all you need.  Seek, and you will find.