Isaiah 49:11
I will make each of My mountains a road.
          So today I kinda had a little, mini, slight panic attack.  I looked around and saw our little apartment, then I saw all the people in it.  And I thought, “O dear! Five more months!”.  I never had a deep desire to go to Africa one day.  And I definitely never wanted to be a missionary!  So every now and then when I stop to realize that I’m a missionary in Africa, I FREAK out!  No, it’s not easy being so far away from my family and the life I thought I was going to have with the people that I was with.  BUT God.  That phrase puts to death any fear, and lessens any trial.  To make a mountain a road. God doesn’t place us in front of a mountain range and expect us to make our way through it.  He carries us over it, or makes us a road to walk.