Proverbs 6:22

“When you roam, they will lead you”


To some, Christianity is nothing more than a set of rules.  They live their lives trying to measure up to this standard of “good enough”.  They compare themselves to the people around them, and try to be better than the next person.  A life that is just about following the law is not a life truly devoted to Christ.  We as humans will always fall short, and if all we have is the law- then what?  The Word of God is meant to instruct us.  It is a tool to bring us closer to the Speaker.  Our human will tires of the law after a while, and we begin to roam away.  But it is the Holy Spirit that dwells in those in Christ that will lead us away from evil and back to the Holy One. 


Song of the day: “Come Holy One” by Young Oceans