Psalm 106:40-48

This part of the psalm gives us a peek into the character of the children of Israel.  Now before we criticize how flaky they were with Christ, and how disobedient and self-seeking they were- we have to look at ourselves.  Israel is a great depiction of us.  The sin they were committing may not have been on the Internet (because it was non existent) but it was the same sin.  They knew God, and saw His  marvelous hand on their lives, but they still wandered and chose their own desires over obedience to Christ.  “But God!”- a phrase we can be so thankful for.  The Lord still chose to be merciful towards them.  Their ways brought them low in their sin, and God allowed them to be taken captive and lead away from their home, but He was faithful to be there with them.  Our sins have consequences- always.  But we don’t have to let our sin bring us to low, filthy places.  We don’t have to continually be disobedient.  We can know God beyond calling on Him to rescue us out of some mess we got in.  We can know Him in the morning- the Father that will give us grace for the day.  We can know Him in the evening- the pillar of strength and protection.  We can follow Him daily- and see what He has for us in the day that He has already gone through.