“Make us gods to go before us”

Acts 7:40

            This verse is so significant because it is so relatable.  This is what the Hebrews begged of Aaron after God sent all those plagues, released them from Pharaoh, led them across the Red Sea, dropped down food from heaven, brought forth water from rocks, etc, etc, etc!!!!  They literally saw the hand of God multiple times.  But they so easily lost faith, and desired to follow something that they could see, and touch.  They wanted something to worship made from the hands of men.  And we can’t criticize them for it at all.  So often we find ourselves worshipping the things of this earth.  This verse is a chance for us to examine ourselves.  What gods have we made in our lives?  What things of man have we set before the Most High, whose first commandment is to have “no other gods before Me”.  Exalt the Lord.  Ask Him to purge the idols out of your life.