Jude 1:24

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling”
The heroes that we  read about in the Bible all have the commonality of Christ being their strength.  David would have given up at the beginning without the Lord’s aid. Abraham never would have left his home without faith in God’s promise.  Noah never would have built the ark without God’s direction.  Esther would not have disturbed the king without His strength.  And Moses would have stayed far away from Egypt without the power God gave to him.  He who is able to keep us throughout the big trials in our lives also wants to carry us through the small ones.  In fact, He wants access to every part of our lives to the point of them being completely His.  God does not only want to be called when we are in trouble.  He wants to hear us calling Him in the morning.  He wants to hear our praise in the noon time.  And He wants to hear our thanks in the evening.
Application:  the New Year is upon us, what better way to start it than with a renewed- or new dedication to Jesus.  Pray right now for Christ to be your center, your everything and all.  Pray that He keeps your feet from wandering.  Pray that He ignites an unquenchable fire for Him.