“And the witnesses laid down their clothes at the feet of a young man named Saul”

Acts 7:58


This is the first mention of Saul in the Bible.  He is the guy that is holding the stuff of the people that are stoning a man of God.  Saul later goes on to persecute the church, and murder hundreds of Christians.  What stands out in this verse is the note of Saul being a “young man”.  In his youth he saw the testimony of Christ and he refused it.  Imagine what MORE of an impact Saul, who became Paul could have made on the world if he turned to Christ in his youth.  Seriously, take the time to imagine that.  Don’t be Saul.  At whatever age you are, TODAY is the acceptable time to give your life to Christ.  And not just believe, but work for the Kingdom of God.  Actively live in the Spirit-NOW! 


Application:  Choose this day to follow Christ.  Jesus says to love Him is to follow His commandments.  Allow God to work through you.  Don’t be a wasted Saul.  Live a life of purpose like Paul.