Acts 26:18

“to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God”
Jesus was speaking to Paul about the unsaved that he would reach.  But as Christians we can apply it to our lives so we can examine ourselves.  In three parts we can relate this verse to our lives.  First.  Open their eyes.  We see, but do we comprehend?  Do we understand what we are looking at in the world?  The things we put in front of our eyes- would our Lord be offended?  Second.  Darkness to light.  Honestly, we are fooled into thinking there is so much fun in the dark.  Hide and seek is played in the dark.  We hide in dark places waiting to be brought to light.  But with Christ, we are turned to leave our dark holes.  In His light is true joy.  Why are we afraid of the light?  Because of Three.  The power of Satan to the power of God.  Satan’s goal in a Christian’s life is to complete the opposite of parts one-two.  With unseeing eyes can we tell what is right or wrong?  In the darkness can we have a true testimony of what it is to be in the light?  One would ask, then why are you here with us?  And God will not share power with anything else.  What power have we given to Satan thinking it was under our control?  Examine yourselves.