and laying hishands on him he said, “Brother Saul…”


There is always at least someone that we can think about that is “marked” by something they have done.  We alienate them, shun them, or ignore them.  We view ourselves better then them in some way.

But they cost the blood of the Creator of the Universe just like we did.  How much do you think that person that everyone holds something against or looks down at, how much more do you think that person would want someone to come alongside them and truly act like the brother or sister in Christ that they are suppose to be?  Ananias listening to God and going to greet Saul must have met the world to Saul.  Ananias was the first person to show Saul brotherly love.  Simple obedience to God can change the drastically our lives, also the lives of the people we are sent to.