Psalm 103:14

“He remembers that we are dust.”
Have you ever been afraid to go to God over an issue?  Maybe you felt like the world has already punished you, and God would just beat you down even more.  Or you feel like you are already in a hole- God would just push you further down.  But He knows our frame.  Imagine if God dealt with us according to our sins.  The overwhelming fact is that God does not punish us according to our sins- He totally could, but He chooses not to.  We are dust compared to the almighty God that was before creation.  We cannot begin to understand heavenly grace even though we experience it everyday.  This psalm blesses the Lord.  It lifts praises to the God that deals so kindly with us lowly beings. He who redeems our lives from destruction (verse 4), is faithful to bring us to life.  This “life” that He brings us to is not to be lived in our own strength.  It is not a life that we can call our own, or continue to live in our own way.  But we are to live, and strive to bring glory to the One that is worthy.  All our praises are to be turned over to Him.  Imagine, we that are dust.  He is so holy that even the lowest things will praise Him.  Yet may we not live in filth, but step into the holy inheritance that is in Him.