Psalm 78:40-42

“They did not remember His power”


“I cannot hear the requests of such sinful generations to be”, the Father said to the Son, “there is no bridge between sin and sacred”. The Son spoke while staring at the new world, “I will go to them”. It was both a declaration and a request. “Yes.”, the Father said resolutely. The Holy Spirit stood beside the Son and said, “I too will go.” “But to think”, the Father mused, “that they shall be ashamed of Us.”


This part of the psalm (verses 40-42) is just as convicting as the parts before. We have already identified with Israel. We see our own mistakes in theirs. But how could they forget God after He delivered them so miraculously from their enslavement? Yet, how do we forget His miracles in our lives? We provoke Him, and we test Him, and by doing so we limit His hand in our life. Jesus be at the center. Fade not from our thoughts. Place Yourself at the center of our lives. Remind us of the cross. Remind us of Your sacrifice, when we cannot- or will not surrender ourselves.