James 2:26

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”



Our faith in Jesus is not something we take and hide and never speak about or use. It is to be displayed like a beacon. It is armor to be put on before we leave the house. It is a cage for our tongue, a shield for our eyes, and a prison for our carnal thoughts. The Word says our faith is made perfect through our works, as in they are actually the definition put to use. We don’t have to look around for “good” things to try to do in our own strength. The Lord Jesus has set those works for us before time began. We simply are to walk in them, complete them, do them with the Holy Spirit. You can’t say you are a nutritionist and only eat junk food. No one would believe you or take you seriously. We understand simple rules like that in life and society. You also cannot say (believably) that you are a follower of Christ and not walk like He did. Or do the works He has set out for you. But grace.


Application: Pray for the daily filling of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the works Jesus has for you to be clearly shown.