Acts 11


          The apostles were Jewish in their ethnicity.  The Jews in that time were so proud of their heritage and viewed themselves as better than everyone else because they were God’s chosen people.  But elect does not mean elite.  Imagine, the apostles had a hard time understanding that the free gift of salvation, and eternal life in Christ was available to everyone- even people that were not Jews.  God gave Peter a dream to explain that His blood washes all people clean.  It is important for us to remember that elect does not mean elite- or better than.  We live in a place of freedom, comfort, and wealth.  But that does not mean that God loves us more because we do not have to suffer as much.  It simply means we have more of an opportunity to share Christ.  The blood of Jesus was shed for the entire world.  No one is common in the sight of Christ.  He is a King, and He views all of His children as His heirs, even if they live in poor places, and dress in rags.