Acts 24:27
“and Felix, wanting to do the Jews a favor, left Paul bound.”
This verse.  Felix knew Paul was innocent.  He let him receive privileges, and requested he was not treated badly.  He met with Paul multiple times with his wife to hear the Gospel.  But he let the opinion of men govern his life.  He was a man of power, and it was in his control to let Paul go free.  But he wanted to do a favor for the Jews.  He wanted to be remembered by people that didn’t care at all for him because he was a pawn of the Romans and the Jews hated the Romans.  Felix’s name would have been better remembered if he faced adversity and supported Paul and his preaching of the Gospel of Christ.  Instead we remember him as someone that was too weak to stand for what he believes in.
Application:  If you won’t stand for what you believe in, do you really believe it?  For example no one can tell us that 2+2 does not equal 4.  We know that is a fact and we will fight tooth and nail for something so simple.  But are we just as unwavering with the truth of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, that He is the only way, and in Him is life?  O that we would always see Jesus.  With Him at the center who cares what others think if we are in His will.  Easier said? Then pray for Jesus to control your thoughts, actions, decisions.