“Be of good cheer”

Acts 23:11
The words of Christ to Paul.  Imagine getting that encouragement from Christ to have a good attitude, and then finding out that a large number of men are waiting to kill you.  What?!  Jesus just told Paul that he was going to Rome to testify of Him.  But soon after his thought are completely distracted- and rightfully so.  But right then and there was where Paul had to choose where to place his faith.  He could have settled into his human emotions of fear and depression, but he was proactive, and focused on the assignment he had just gotten from the Lord.  Focus your thoughts on what Christ has given you today.  The truths we read from the bible help us relate to life, and find examples of what we are going through.  With Jesus at the center of it all, nothing can move you.  It will always be Jesus, because its always been Jesus. So be of good cheer! Jesus has a plan for you, and if you commit to Him, then nothing will move you.