Psalm 98:7-9


This psalm is a praise song to the Lord for His future return and judgment of the earth.  It is a joyful song.  But wait- shouldn’t it be a mournfully sad song instead?  Not for those whose identity is in Christ.  This song is a joyful shout, “bring the end!”  When Jesus returns, there will be a battle; judgment will come to the earth.  The wrath of God will be poured out in its entirety.  This song is a song for the end.  Jesus is coming back.  The world lives blindly to this truth.  Those in unrepentant sin are living in open rebellion to the way of Christ.  But O the day when He returns to destroy destruction, and establish righteousness.  Here we can examine ourselves.  Our place is either in front of Him, in the way of His coming wrath, or behind Him, fighting with Him.  Turn your eyes to Jesus.  Focus on Him.  The coming end is not to discourage us, but it should bring us joy, because soon we will be with our loving, gracious Father.