“I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense to toward God and men”

Acts 24:16


          Let’s not start this off with an unrealistic sentence.  We are in fact human.  Therefore our thoughts are subject to dwell on the filth of this world.  Our own imaginations think violently, crude, sexually impure, wrong things.  We ALL think, and are capable of thinking sinful thoughts.  And when we dwell on the sinful thoughts we create we thank Jesus that no one can see what we do in our heads.  But that is not the end all conclusion.  We are not doomed to think sinful thoughts and wait until they pass to rainbows and butterflies.  The Holy Spirit through Paul tells us to bring every thought into captivity (REIN IT IN!) under Christ.  We don’t stop and sit in our filth.  But we humbly give over our sin to the Lord.  Allow Him to govern your thoughts, and He will do the impossible of purifying your-our minds.