“But I was born a citizen”

Acts 22:28

In the time period of Acts, being a Roman citizen was such a privilege because the Roman Empire was so powerful. Roman citizens had rights that others did not if they were not of Rome. Paul used the fact that he was born a Roman citizen to shame the commander. Because you couldn’t treat a citizen just any way. As sons and daughters of Christ, we have a citizenship so much higher than the conquers of earth. Our Conquer has never failed and will never fail. How hard is that to sink in though in the time we live in? People all around mock our God. But, the Word says The Lord will not be mocked. So the people we hear mock to their own destruction. Our Heavenly Father sits enthroned in a place that we have citizenship to because of the blood of Jesus. Know your worth today. You were born royal, because your Father is the King of kings. It is an inheritance you have to choose to accept.