John 4

There’s so much action in this chapter!  The miracles Jesus performed brought a lot of people to Him. The crowds that came were interested in what Christ could do.  But Jesus wanted to do so much more.  The wonders and miracles Christ did were easy for Him- because He is God!  Jesus so desired to do more by working wonders and miracles in the individual lives from the crowds that swarmed Him.  It is the same today. These days we have so much stimulus; movies, tv, phones, electronic games.  We might not be looking for a miracle because we are so privileged in the society we live in.  But that does not mean our hearts do not need a fresh filling of the Spirit, or a renewing of His strength.
Like the woman at the well, Jesus meets us where we are.  He meets us in our sin, and urges is to turn away from it.
Like the man who needed a miracle, Jesus is so faithful to provide in the way He sees fit.