James 5:1-6

“Your gold and silver are corroded”

Our value is without a nameable price.  We cost the blood of the Creator’s Son, a member of the Triune God.  We will not know how much we truly cost until we see and touch our marred Father.  It is so easy to forget our worth.  Our value is so much higher than that of gold.  Gold and silver eventually waste away; they get corroded by the filth of this world.  When we allow sin to consume our lives, and when we take what the world has to offer like sexual sin, selfishness, hatred, and disobedience we corrode our lives and cover our worth.  The layer of sin placed on our lives separates us from Christ, and only He can remove that layer.


Application:  Take the time to ask Jesus to remove the layers of sin that keep Him from your heart.