Acts 3:7


“And he took him by the right hand and lifted him up, and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength”


You know those commercials with the starving children with flies on their faces, and bare, dirty feet?  Click. Change the channel.  You know those homeless people on the street?  Look straight ahead.  You know that kid that everyone else ignores, and is always sitting alone?  Ignore, and forgotten.  The first six verses of Acts chapter three really embody what it is to be a practicing Christian.  “And fixing his eyes on him…” Peter didn’t ignore the man everyone else was passing by.  He looked at him.  With the eyes of Christ he saw a man that his Lord had just recently died and rose again for.  He saw a man of worth.  He gave him his attention.  How difficult for us to just give others our prayers?  Peter touched him, “he took him by the right hand”, and he gave this man his hand and lifted him up.  Peter gave this man the only thing he could- he gave him the only thing of worth that any of us can give, Jesus Christ.  If we walk in faith, in unity with the Spirit, in obedience to God, and in humility of spirit God can and will accomplish miracles through us.  Peter gave the Jesus that was in him, and kindness, gentleness, power, and strength was shown.