Acts 5:2


“And he kept back part of the proceeds”



          What can you give to a God that has everything?  Yet He still asks.  God wants all of us- all of us individually.  One of the great and believable lies of the enemy is that God will have us sell all our stuff and leave us poor, and begging.  The sin of Ananias and Sapphira was not that they held back some money from God.  The sin that cost them their life was the thought that what they had was really theirs, they deserved it, and God would not see if they kept some of it for themselves.  Imagine.  What complacency we have let creep into our own lives!  The God that struck them dead for their sin is the same God today, and forever.  O Lord may we have a reverence and respect for you.  May we want to give to you out of honor and gratitude.  Lord conform our hearts to Yours, make us more like you.  May we not keep back any portion of ourselves, but humbly give all of us.