What do you do when your refrigerator is empty (like it’s ever empty)? You go to the cabinet right? Some people even have a room, or closet devoted to keeping extra food when they run out of something. The purpose of a pantry is to never run out. We should have the same practice in our spiritual life. In good times, when all seems ok, we should be storing up God’s spiritual truths. Because rainy, cold, and dark days come. Imagine if Paul had not hidden God’s truths and word in his heart. The trials he encountered, the shipwrecks, and beatings would have broken him completely- they would have broken anyone surviving in their own strength. The Word of God is nourishment that will never expire. And is applicable to everyday. When it is the harvest where food and blessings are abundant we should be storing up those things. So, when the bad times of hunger and trial come, we can pull from our stores and not be moved.