Proverbs 30


 “What is His name, and what is His Son’s name”

“There is a generation that curses its father…there is a generation that is pure in its eyes…”


          The Son stood by the Father seated on the throne.  The Holy Spirit ascended the glass stairs and took His place on the other side of the Father.  The Trinity stared unflinchingly as Satan languidly walked forward.  He stopped and bowed lazily.  He asked permission to tempt a string of world leaders.  He laughed, “They will think it progress, and they will think they are free” Permission was granted and he turned to walk away.  But with his back still turned he spat, “One sits and the Others idly stand as I take an entire generation”.  The Son walked forward and Satan involuntarily fell to one knee.  “My name reigns in every generation, and it will be proclaimed in this one”, His voice like raging waters, “They will turn to me and call upon My name”.  There was no silence when the Son finished speaking, for His hosts were praising His name, “Jesus” was being sung in silver.