Wisdom.  The “should we” questions of our lives we often bring to our friends…who are the same age as us and have no more experience or wisdom than we do.  Or we go to the almighty internet, because surely we can trust the opinions of people we do not know anything about.  We seek the wisdom of the earth first.  Sometimes we look to what the earth has to offer in advice because it is the first thing we think us.   Most of us do not do it to spite Christ.  But the wisdom of this world is demonic.  James describes what heavenly wisdom is.  Humility, patience, and peace, are listed in the some of the characteristics of wisdom that comes from Christ.  It is our privilege to be able to (through grace) approach the throne of God and ask Jesus to sort out our problems, questions, and desires.  It is a simple solution.  Why would we not ask the only person that knows everything?

Jesus draw near to us as we ask of You.  Lord, You are faithful.  Give us Your wisdom.  May You be our first resource every time.

James 3:13-18