Psalm 78:1-20



Psalm recalls the characteristic of Israel. No other people group in history incorporates the characteristic of humanity better than the example of Israel. Israel’s history in the Bible can be individually related to every Christian’s life. The psalm lists how they refused to walk in His law- as we do often. And they forgot His works…. Mmmmmm. How often do we forget God’s gracious and kind hand in our own lives? “They tested God in their heart”, verse 18. Israel is Us. We are the generation of grace not the law. Jesus favors us as His children. We have every privilege as the sons and daughters of a King. Yet we seek to spiritually live like the beggars of filth. “A stubborn and rebellious generation” (vs.8). Us. Lord may we be a generation that seeks Your face. May we not make the mistakes of our fathers, may we walk with You. May we remember the marvelous things You have done, and may we look forward to the works You will do.